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Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003)

Scene (1:24:00-1:26:00)

Plot of Scene: The movie is about Johannes Vermeer, a famous Dutch artist. He is asked to paint his next piece, however can’t find his inspiration. A young lady, who has come to his house, becomes his muse. She is greatly interested to his art after she starts cleaning his art room. However, Vermeer’s wife isn’t pleased with this decision. Hiding away his wife, he paints the portrait of Griet. The wife finds from her young daughter who isn’t happy seeing her father and Griet together. The scene states that Griet kicked out of the house after the wife sees the completed painting.

Cinematography: This scene has three main shots; crane shots, over the shoulder shots, and close-ups. They define the emotion, the chemistry, and the fraction between the characters. The scene is very strong, because its the denouement  of the plot.


Crane shot: the camera is moving closer to the door indicating that someone is walking to the door.

Crane shot: the camera is moving closer to Griet. It’s followed by a..

Close-up: to define Griets emotion which is afraidness.

Crane shot: the camera is moved to the door. Then Maria Thins and her daughters shows us in the same shot to see why they are here. In the same shot, Vermeer shows up. Turning to his direction, the camera shows Vermeer and his wife’s back.


Over the Shoulder Shot: Vermeer is confronted to his wife who wants to see the painting.

Mid-shot: Marie Thins tries calm down her daughter.

Over the Shoulder + Close up: Vermeer’s wife becomes more emotional while asking her husband a question.

Rating: 9/10 In the beginning of the movie, it’s confusing. However, later the movie is more detailed is then become more interesting. The props are very realistic and good to define the settings of the scenes.

MISE-EN-SCENE: The movie is taken as in the Dutch Golden Age, therefore miss-en-scene should be according to the period. The costumes are very realistic, from the Dutch men outfits to the Dutch women outfits. The setting is a Vermeer’s art room, where the film was mostly tooken in. It’s very detailed, showing the brushes, pigments, and other art supplies. The lighting thoughtout this film is dull or really bright. This decision is taken to show how Vermeers painting’s lighting were.


Romeo + Juliet (1996)


Romeo + Juliet was created in 1996 by Baz Luhrmann. His vision was to change William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet into the modern day environment, for example where they used guns instead of swords and knifes. The first scene of the film was used with different types of shots and angles. One camera movement was used a lot throughout the film was the crane shot. The shots were perfectly used, from showing the setting, till showing a character’s emotion.

Plot: Verona Beach is divided by two rival gangs, the Capulets and the Montagues. The Capulets have organized a costume party. Romeo attend the party, and meet Juliet. They fall in love, however realize that there parents will never accept the love. On the other hand, Juliet’s father has arranged Juliet’s marriage with Paris. Juliet and Romeo plan to marry, however Tybalt learns about the news. He becomes angry, and meets Mecurtio with following Romeo. Tybalt fights with Romeo, and almost kills him. To defend Romeo, Mercutio joins the fight, but is killed by Tybalt. Romeo is emotional and kills Tybalt. Romeo runs away from Verano Beach, but tells Juliet before leaving. Juliet is being forced to marry Paris. That’s when Friar Laurence give Juliet a potion to take, so that she can be conscious. This was so that her family thought she was dead, until Romeo comes to flee with Juliet. However, Balthasar finds out about her death and he immediately he goes to Romeo to tell the news. Romeo becomes emotional and plans to kill himself. He goes to the church, where Juliet is kept in, with poison. He drinks it after kissing Juliet, however Juliet is awaken. Though, its too late and Romeo dies. Juliet uses a gun and kills herself.

Rating: 8/10 The movie was really interesting, however the love between Romeo and Juliet isn’t ultimate. The movie is basically based on their love story. Director doesn’t include a lot of scenes with the couple. Leaving that side, the movie is fantastic. Changing the story in a modern time way helped increase the rating.