Dracula (1992)


Ending Scene of Dracula Analysis

Characters: The men and Mina are wearing coats, since a blizzard is occurring. Dracula is even wearing some type of coat, however there’s a connection with his story. How he was an ancient king, and he is know the Dracula.

Setting: The ending is parted in two scenes, the way to Dracula’s mansion and his mansion.

Mise-en-Scene: The earlier then this scene in the movie, the light has been dull. Since it’s a Dracula movie, and they have fear of light. In the end the light is bright, to indicate the dramatic death of Dracula.

Camera Work: Throughout the scene, the camera is moving constantly since the fight is done by traveling in horses. There are many crane shots and close ups. The close ups are basically of Mina, showing her emotions towards the fight.

Sounds and Music: The last scene is very strong and important. The minions of Dracula are taking him to his mansion, so you can hear the steps of the horses. There is a dramatic background sound, indicating the fight between the minions of Dracula and Jonathan and the lovers of Lucy. Throughout the movie, the soundtrack has been very sad or exciting, however in the end of the movie it’s been dramatic. Indicating something interesting is going to happen (Dracula’s death).


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