Black Mirror: Playtest (Season 3, Episode 2)


Plot: The beginning starts with a mirror reflection, Copper is leaving to travel round the world. To get away after his dad’s death. He stops in London, and meets Sonja. Sonja is professional gamer. She persuades Copper to go and test in a huge gaming company. When he is there, he is being tested by his fears.

Interesting Parts: The series’ name is Black Mirror. What is so cool is that they always start with a mirror reflection. And this part is so amazing, that the mirror is so clean that I thought the shots was done with out the reflection.

Shots and Angles: There are few amazing shot of this episode. The first amazing shot was when the crane shot went ground to sky, when Copper was leaving his house. But then the sky turns white and then out of no where Copper is in the plane. Most beautiful shot i haven’t see.

Mise-en-Scene: During the game Copper is playing, the setting is described as 19th century. The house really looks like a normal house but without technology. (In 19th century, no technology was invented.)

Rating(10/10): This episode, didn’t just describe gaming, but much more. I loved it, and I will plan to start watching the series from Episode 1.


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