Analysis on Short Stories (YOUTUBE)

The Most Beautiful Thing: The most interesting part was the communication between both main characters. I really liked how the girl and boy had big difference they comprised to connect with each other. The angle and shots were appropriate for each scene. For example, in the beginning there was a scene where the guy was in the classroom and he was alone. The director showed some other students with a mid shot with other classmates features (hand, face) and him all alone. It was smart way to describe the characteristic of an actor. I don’t think there was something to change. Only the beginning was slow and the director can eliminate some scenes.

Text Me: I liked the idea of the confidence the man had to ask a girl out, even he had less money. (shown in the beginning of the film.) The topics the director used to describe how the love came between them was unstable and it made the movie unrealistic. It wasn’t realistic. I would have changed the whole script after the girl rejected him. I think the director had a lot of ideas but in the end it didn’t work out. This made the movie, very boring.

The Translator: I really liked the movie, yet I still had the correct feeling what was going to happen in the end. It was a cliche, however they added more dialogue that made the movie a bit interesting. I don’t think this was good example of a comedy movie. It might have any funny dialogues, but it didn’t symbolize the genre.


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