HUGO (2011)


Plot: Hugo, a little boy lost his father by a fire, lives lonely in the train station in Paris. Since his dad was a mechanic he was taught about a lot of clocks. Helping around the cities clocks, he hid his identity of being a orphan. Accompanied by the goddaughter of an bitter toy merchant, Hugo begins on a quest to solve the mystery of the automaton and find a place he can call home.

Camera Angles and Shots: There were many mid shots and  close ups. I really liked the clock scene where in the end they showed the full landscape of Paris with a pan. That was one of my favorite scenes I has ever saw.

Mise-en-Scene: The costumes related to the setting of the story. Hugo wore a french hat, and all characters wore coats to show the weather of France. Also the set of the trains station was amazing. It was one of the most detailed sets I have ever seen. I wonder how big the studio is.

What I Like: I really liked the actors. Also I loved how the story connected with every actor in the movie.



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