The Artist (2011)

Plot: The story takes place in the 1920s. The actor George Valentin is really famous and has many fans. When he starting working on his biggest film, he falls in love with his new coming co star, Peppy Miller, but George is married. So he doesn’t want to cheat with his wife. As Peppy Miller becomes more famous because the movie she did with George, George’s fades away.

Camera Shots and Angles: I found that the movie had a lot of wide shots. It did give the movie a broad ending, but I thing it was better because the movie was adapted from 1920s.

Mise-en-Scene: The costume were normal from the point of view of 1920s. And the setting was based on United States in 1920s, and I think it was a good set.

What I liked: I really liked several scenes. There was scene where George wanted to kill him self  by putting a gun in his mouth and since it was a silent film there was note card as “BANG!”.  So it gave the intensity between the audience and the actors. I got scared because I thought the man shot himself. But the bang was from an accident outside.


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